Ruins by the river Tungabadhra, Hampi

Plan Your First Solo Trip To Hampi

How to reach:

Public transport buses are the best option to reach Hampi. Take a night sleeper coach from any of the nearby cities, and you will reach Hampi by 4.30 – 5 am. Note: except of few KSRTC, all other private buses will only take you to Hospet Town, from where you will have to take an Auto Rikshaw to reach Hampi town which is about 25 KM away.


Where to Stay:

Most of your exploration will be on the temple side of the town, so its better to find a guest house on the temple side. This will also help you to avoid early morning river crossing as most of the time you won’t find any boats before 6 am, and even if you find, be ready to pay whatever the boatman charges.


  • Stay away from strangers offering various illegal services.
  • Start your exploration as early as possible, I normally start at 4.30 am to catch the beautiful sunrises.
  • Keep hydrating yourself more frequently, as Hampi is very Humid during the day.
  • Temple side restaurants and guest houses are pure vegetarian and do not offer any alcohol/beer.

Here are top 5 things you could do on your first trip to HAMPI.



1. Sunrise at Matanga Hill.

Climb up to the Matanga hill which is located at the other end of Virupaksha temple. you will have to take a short walk towards Hampi Bazar to reach the Matanga Hill. The sunrise view from this point is truly mesmerizing.

2. Explore the temple side of Hampi on a Moped/Bicycle.

Temple side of Hampi has most of the main architectures and ruins to explore. Hiring a moped, rickshaw or a bicycle can help you to reduce dehydration due to humidity.

Some of the points of interest that you could explore are – Srikrishna Temple, Lakshmi Narasimha Statue, Lotus Mahal, Elephant Stable, Stepped Water tank


3. Sunset at Hemakuta Hill.

Hemakuta hill is adjacent to Virupaksha Temple and is an awesome location to view the Sunset in Hampi. You have lot of interesting structures and temples on this hill which makes it one of my favorite location to shoot Sunset in Hampi



4. Visit Anjaneya hill temple for sunrise

Anjaneya hill is located on the Island side (another side of river Tungabhadra) of Hampi. Best way to reach there is to cross the river next to Virupaksha temple, and hire a moped.

This temple is known as the birthplace of the monkey god Hanuman. The sunrise from this temple is one of the best views you could get in Hampi.

5. Take a walk by the banks of river Tungabadhra.

Start from Virupaksha Temple and end at Vittala temple.

Things to cover – Virupaksha Temple, Hampi Bazar, Achutraya Temple, Ruins by the river, Koti Linga, and Vittala Temple.

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